Take your business beyond words.

Video is fast becoming the go-to marketing platform for many recruitment agencies. However, there are many different types of video, even more ways of filming and unless it is well thought out video can quickly drain a lot of resources with very little return.

As the only specialist filming and production company in the recruitment industry, we know how to get fantastic results from video production. We have Videographers in each region we service, who are trained to specifically shoot recruitment focused content.

Behind the scenes, we have an experienced Director, Video Editor, Script Writers (if needed), and all the equipment you’d expect in a professional video production. 

Below you’ll find a number of different recruitment video examples that showcase our work and the different types of recruitment videos that we can produce.

If you’re thinking of going it alone and filming your own videos, then download our handy guide to creating recruitment videos.

Subject Interview

Carrying out subject interviews provides great access to potentially tricky clients or candidates, boosts engagement and also aligns your brand with others which may be more prominent. Those featured here include a series featuring Women in Leadership, one focused on Technology Careers and a partner interview.

Market Overview

Market Overview videos give viewers key insights concerning their industry. This example provides viewers with an overview of current market trends, internal business changes and also a range of different advice.


A sit down, talking-heads style, video that provides candidates or clients advice on a variety of different subjects to aide their job search exercise. This series featured motion graphics to reinforce the topics, giving further insights to the viewer, with a focus on a step by step guide.


Written testimonials only hold so much weight, having clients or candidates give their testimonials on video really propels their credibility. This example contains client, candidate and recruiter testimonials.

Dual Branded

Dual branded videos are a great way of offering your clients something extra on top of traditional recruitment services. It could be in exchange for exclusivity, retained work or even additional revenue. This video features the agency introducing their audience to a specific client.


Animation offers variety and flexibility where traditional video may not be suitable. This particular animation was created to be used for temporary or contract workers as part of the recruitment agency’s Health & Safety induction. The video was based on their original Health & Safety documentation but was fully animated and had voiceovers added.