Social, Digital, Recruitment: we get it.

Being successful through digital and social recruitment marketing isn’t just about opening a LinkedIn or Facebook account. You need to have a robust strategy in place and know how, and crucially, when, to use the broad variety of available tools.

From audience growth and engagement on core social platforms through to specific campaigns that utilise either social or digital advertising tools to reach new audiences, our team of recruitment marketing experts know the ins and outs of every relevant online marketing tool.

In addition, when you engage Prominence, not only do you get marketing expertise but you get access to a team that are devoted to working with recruitment agencies full-time. This eliminates a large percentage of the experimentation you’ll experience with a regular marketing agency and ensures we’re able to generate instant results for your recruitment business.

Social Advertising

Reach new people.

Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube can all produce fantastic results, but they are also places where it is easy to waste a lot of budget quickly. Our team have run campaigns to target a range of recruitment audiences, both domestically and internationally. We take the guess work out of advertising, using our previous experience to immediately run the best campaign for your specific needs.

Social Media Management

Eat. Sleep. Content. Repeat.

Posting, engaging, responding and planning are all in our repertoire. We use key industry tools such as Hootsuite and Feedly to make your recruitment brand stand out online. Post frequency can be tailored to your specific needs and content found that fits both your brand and target audience. We also prepare all content well in advance so you can review prior to it going live for peace of mind.

Content Sourcing & Publishing

We do the digging so you don’t have to.

Every successful business starts with an impressive brand identity. We don’t just activate social media accounts, we bring them to life by posting content that resonates with your brand. We have proven experience in representing many different brands from a variety of industry sectors.


Google AdWords/Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

You can’t go fishing without bait.

If you’re looking to quickly increase the volume of a certain audience to your website, AdWords or pay-per-click services can be a useful solution. We build and manage campaigns that target specific recruitment audiences; clients, candidates and even recruiters. Along the way, we advise on potential money traps and also focus on conversion rather than simply traffic volume.


Leading you on the campaign trail.

Marketing campaigns are designed to achieve a specific marketing objective. This could be to attract a certain type of candidate or to generate warm leads for clients (or even to attract recruiters). We’ve created and managed many different campaigns using a wide range of tools that include salary surveys, tipping sites, research papers, PPC advertising and landing pages.

Search Engine Optimisation

Putting you on the map.

Often referred to as a dark art, the reality is that successful Search Engine Optimisation is more about hard work and time. Having a good website is a start, but the content needs to be written with search engines like Google or Bing in mind. This doesn’t mean littering content with key words, but rather ensuring relevant headers, Meta tags and well thought out content. We also help to build credible backlinks through our content writing and PR services.

Social Competitions

Because there’s no thrill like winning.

Social competitions can be run on most social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn. We’ve run competitions that range from simple audience engagement pieces, through to follower growth campaigns and referral initiatives. Our creative team comes up with the concept, then our marketers use social advertising to get the message out.

Audience Retargeting

Follow the yellow brick road.

We’ll get you out of the web traffic jam.

Sometimes called remarketing, retargeting is fairly simple. Take your existing audience, whether they’ve been to your website or Facebook/LinkedIn pages, and show them your advertising once they leave your site. We’ve got experience running these campaigns through Google AdSense and Facebook with great success.