OneStaff are a national blue collar recruitment business that has 13 regional offices, over 70 employees and a $70+ million dollar turnover.

Prominence joined forces with OneStaff after they had completed a company-wide brand refresh. Our remit was to raise the awareness of the new brand and to build a new Facebook channel for them to communicate with their audiences and crucially to attract high quality candidates.


Facebook was an obvious choice for OneStaff, a large percentage of their audience are active users and engagement levels on the platform are high.

The strategy has been to focus on significantly increasing brand reach and engagement (with audience growth being a by-product of this, rather than a specific target). At the outset we also worked directly with Facebook to setup individual Branch Pages that sat under the main Company Page to give each branch their own place for content and maintain a regional feel.

We’ve run a number of ad-hoc and on-going activities on the Facebook channel, including the following.

Company Content

Central to the page’s success has been the production of company branded content. This includes written blogs, infographics, video and cards used to visually market jobs. Each piece of content is clearly branded and created with a specific audience and objective in mind.

Social Competitions

In addition to content we regularly run small audience engagement competitions that are centred around topical events, such as sports or holidays. We also ran a company specific tipping competition using third party software for a key national rugby event.

Paid Advertising

To expand the brand's reach we use Facebook’s paid advertising platform to promote selected content regularly to target audiences. With jobs, we do this by presenting specific jobs to relevant, niche audiences.