Public Speaker - Recruitment

Having spent a number of years recruiting, Chris successfully transitioned into recruitment management. In this capacity he built two sizeable recruitment teams, the first being Auckland’s largest specialist IT recruitment agency, with 12 recruiters. The second was a mixed recruitment office in Texas, USA, that focused on the Oil & Gas and Construction industries.

Whilst in the USA, Chris found his calling: recruitment marketing. He returned home to New Zealand (although actually a Pome) and after six months of market research and self-education established Prominence, the region’s first Recruitment Marketing Agency.

As Director of Prominence, Chris is the first-person recruiters speak to when trying to get a handle on their marketing activity. He is also highly involved in the day to day delivery on all client accounts, but is slowly learning to let his fantastic team take care of business and to only interfere when needed!

Based in Auckland, Chris travels to Australia monthly, meaning he has a lot of air miles and has also seen every new film. However, he is the first to tell you that the life of a frequent traveller isn’t quite as glamorous as it seems!

Chris is inspired by people that break the mould and try to make things better.

Chris can be found on Twitter @findsouth or as one of the writers on the Prominence Blog

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