Trust a Certified Google Partner Agency

Prominence is proud to be a certified Google Partner digital marketing agency. Achieving this approved Partner status is no easy feat. Multiple members of the team are individually Google certified in AdWords, the business has to maintain a large ad spend, and above all else, we have to continuously demonstrate that our AdWords campaigns meet Google Partner standards.

Recruitment Certified Google Partner Marketing Agency

Recruitment Certified Google Partner Marketing Agency

Why a Google Partner Badge Matters

As a Recruitment Industry Director, all of this probably doesn’t mean that much to you, so here is a simple break down of how working with a Google Partner agency can give your recruitment agency a competitive advantage.

Avoid Wasted Spend – While Google AdWords is a great way to increase online visibility, using the platform correctly is an absolute must. There are so many ways to spend your money hidden within various settings. If you do not know they are there or take a haphazard approach to using Google’s platform, you can easily waste a large percentage of your budget before you realise it by paying more for clicks or focusing on the wrong search terms. In addition, because our team are recruitment marketing specialists, we know the nuances of the sector and can significantly reduce the standard setup time and cost by utilising our industry intellectual property and saved automation processes.

Best in Class As a Google Partner, our team know how to use all of the available tools to best achieve your objectives. This includes mastering the use of negative keywords, site links inside of ads, ad extensions, phrase match keywords, split testing with AdWords, broad match modified keywords, advert scheduling, and more. Once a campaign is live, this expertise is used for click-through-rate optimisation, increasing quality scores, and landing page experiences, bid adjustment techniques, staying up-to-date on negative keywords, and setting up automated rules to help maintain the account’s full potential.

Safe Hands – By having team members who are Google AdWords certified, you can be assured that your brand is in safe hands and not going to come into disrepute. Google ensures that these certifications are current and that each person meets Google’s standards for account management best practices

A Direct Line to Google As Google Partners with a large ad spend, we have a Google Agency Team that we can contact without waiting in line in the unlikely event that your account has a major an issue.

Stay Ahead of the Competition As a Google Partner we have access to Google’s beta features. This means that your campaigns are always using the latest available tools. Whether this is a new optimisation for mobile, call tracking, or something else that is only just entering the market such as Google for Jobs.



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